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Anglepoise Apex 90

Anglepoise Apex 90

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Herbert Terry Anglepoise Clamp Lamp Model 90 - PAT tested

It is an iconic piece of design!

Model Apex 90

Colour original red
Width 18 cm
Height 60-90 cm
Years of manufacturing in the 1980s
Designer Herbert Terry
Brand Anglepoise
Good vintage condition. Minor signs from usage.
Made in England

This lamp can bring an industrial charm to any space and bright up a kitchen, a living room, or even a kid’s bedroom. It is not only an attractive piece of design but highly functional.

The lamp was the brainchild of British designer George Carwardine, who at the time of the lamp’s invention was a car designer and a freelance design consultant specialising in vehicle suspension systems.

When working on suspensions, George created a mechanism that he felt could be applied to other fields, especially the task lamp. The joints and spring tension allowed the lamp to be moved into a wide range of positions. Demand for the Carwardine’s lamp grew so quickly that he swiftly entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and Sons on 22nd February 1934. The ground-breaking use of springs in the design has also since been used in computer display screens, stationary, and microphones. And in 1948 the BBC issued a rule that all rooms in their offices had to be lit by an Anglepoise.

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