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Aspen Leaf Plate

Aspen Leaf Plate

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Vintage Arcoroc Aspen leaf pattern glass serving plate

Diameter 24 cm
Made in Arques, France
Vintage from the 1980s
Mint condition

Arcoroc Aspen Leaf pattern glass serving plate. It's not just any plate; it's a piece of the past that's ready to shine in your home. This versatile plate is your go-to for serving snacks in style. Whether you're hosting a party or simply treating yourself to a cozy movie night, it's the perfect companion. But that's not all – it doubles as a trinket dish, making it the ideal spot to keep your favorite small treasures safe and sound.

Imagine this beauty taking center stage on your coffee table, exuding elegance and charm. Or picture it gracing your dresser, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily routine. With its timeless design, it effortlessly elevates any space.

About Arcoroc brand

Arcoroc is a renowned brand in the world of glassware and tableware, recognized for its durability, quality, and innovative designs. Here's a brief historical overview:


Arcoroc was established in France in the 1960s and quickly gained recognition for its glass and dinnerware products. The brand was a result of the collaboration between Durand Glass Manufacturing Company and Verrerie Cristallerie d'Arques, both well-established glass manufacturers.

Innovation in Glass

Arcoroc pioneered the use of tempered glass and fully tempered glassware in the industry. This innovation made their products highly resistant to thermal shock and mechanical impact, ensuring safety and durability in various settings, from homes to restaurants.

Versatility and Design

Over the years, Arcoroc expanded its product line to include a wide range of glassware, dinnerware, and tableware items. Their designs are known for their versatility, catering to both everyday use and special occasions. The brand's commitment to blending functionality with aesthetic appeal has made it a favorite among consumers and professionals alike.

 Arcaroc today

Today, Arcoroc continues to be a trusted name in glassware and tableware, offering a diverse range of products that combine durability, style, and practicality. With a history rooted in innovation, the brand remains a go-to choice for those seeking reliable and elegant tableware solutions.

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